About us

Marisa, Gianni and Gianni's wife Karen run a small supermarket where you can find a vast array of cured meats, cheeses and typical products from the area.

Marisa makes typical Ligurian dishes, such as: pesto, nut sauce, “pansotti”, stuffed vegetables, “gattafin”( large tortelli filled with minced vegetables and deep fried), rice pie, meat balls, vegetable pie, anchovies marinated in lemon and olive oil, seafood salad and a Genovese cake known as “panettone”.
Besides all this you can also find Russian salad, grilled vegetables, fried stuffed olives, homemade fresh pasta, such as gnocci, homemade jam tart and various types of cakes.  And don’t forget the great Ligurian tradition- the salted anchovies!

Stefano is a builder who has looked after all the reconstruction work of the apartments in great detail. He designed the interiors in the most appropiate way for holiday-makers.